Temporary Gravemonument

When someone dies he is burried or cremated. It will take some time when someone is burried before the tombstone is

made and placed. From the time of burrying till the actual arriving of the stone there is no real grave marker(there might be a temporary sign provided by the cemetery or funeral home), which can be uncomfortable from many families.

With the grass monument you have the possibility to make a temporary grave monument that will last for a week or two and can bridge this gap until the real stone arrives.

Another use is for ash scattering, to mark the place where the ashes have been scattered for the first few weeks. As a place where the family can go to and so that no other scatterings occur on the same specific site.

The kit comes with a stack of letters, pegs, a jar with chalk powder and a brush. The stack of letters contains all the letters needed to form the desired text of the gravemarker. The pegs are used to keep the letters in place. By using the brush and the delivered chalk powder, you can transfer the chalk to the grass and brush it on.

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